ELYSIAN DROP TROOP ARMY LIST – v (Last Rev). By Jim ‘Honda’ Kontilis with invaluable assistance from Shmitty, Ginger, Moscovian, John. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and Here is my list as I’ve tried to set up a quick and mobile force with air support and without artillery. . I love the vulture and want one for my armies. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat 3x Elysian Drop Sentinels: 3x multimeltas.

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With Elysians you could take Valkyries as transport. Not that they are regular in any way. They also have the D Detachment, which recently got an update with the second edition of IA4.

A Tauros Venator engage an airborne Tau Commander in a ruined industrial zone. Posted 01 October – Cheap, destructive and they have objective secured. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

Myron looked at brother Captain Severus on the other side of the briefing table. Edited by Akrim, 03 February – Myron of the st had gone through every report and vox transmission from the initial assault on Verdis Prime in order to study the tactics of his alien adversary. A powerfist blow smashes the ghosthelm of the sorcerer and deals 2 wounds to liist scum, while a slash using the force stave deals 2 wounds in return to the company commander.

The Wraithlord also deploys behind cover.

Simon then set up a single objective on top of one of the towers. The command squad climb on top of the compound to get a clear line of sight while staying in range of the second objective. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat underperforming Taros campaign book.

Do these units have to be taken from Index: Co-ordinated suppressive fire with guided targeting missiles and pulse weapons, followed by jet deployed specialist strike teams of battlesuits and drones. Your ad here, right now: All lasguns and all hot-shot lasguns in the ordered unit change their Type to Rapid Fire 2 until the end of the phase.


Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.3

After rolling for turn 6, the Wraithlord climbs the landing pad and prepares to avenge his Spiritmaster! Your list looks pretty solid, those command squads are no joke! No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Scions too, so they’re another good addition.

Elysian drop troops army list p – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

aemy Yeah I felt the same, such great models. Starting his fourth turn, Simon advances his Wraithlord to get closer to the action. The commander in charge with a Powerfist, and Cpt.

Thanks for the reply.

Captain Ikaru Perseus personally supervised the task of rearming and refueling one of the platoon Valkyries from the vantage point of a tower at the F. The Xenos incursion was swift and resolute in this system. Feel free to leave a comment below and pray that we drop on site with guns blazing! Operation Adamant Wedge was under way and the st, supported by a small group of Grey Knights, were the speardhead.

I love how the new edition works, and all the small tricks that we found out as the game went on. Really sad to see them go. Stormtroopers are fun utility units that can either deepstrike to grab an uncontested objective or just go for a Hail Mary-shot with the meltagun or a salvo of hellgun fire, but one should not forget that the Elysian Stormtroopers still comes equipped with both pistols and close combat weapons which makes them a bit more capable of pulling off assaults against weakened units.

Once per battle, a Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter equipped with tactical bombs can make a bombing run against a single enemy unit it moves over during one of its Movement phases. I had plans to try to make a really large collection out of the Elysian range and by the time they announced it I only had money to order some final parts for the puzzle.

Not only my Elysians but now my Storm Troops are coming out of their box. What do you guys think of it? Notify me of new comments via email. If a friendly OFFICER is within 3″ of a unit with a vox-caster when using their Voice of Command ability, you may extend the range of the order to 18″ if the target unit also contains a vox-caster.


Hello, for all the Elysian Drop Troop Players out there I have setup a dicsord channel to improve our tactics and share some insights on drop deployment, setup tactics and chances to attack different enemies.

Subtract 1 from the hit rolls made for this weapon against all other targets. I had some issues with different equipment pricing between the armybook and Battlescribe, which resulted in me having a total of 12pts to spare. Well, it saddens me a lot actually. Edited by Spear of Achilles, 03 February – Simon fires one flamer into the squad on the pad, one flamer into the remnant veterans below, and the Shuriken cannon into the command squad on the far objective — hoping to force morale checks.

Skirmishing with Eldar corsairs was a daily routine for the troopers of the st, which is why the commanders made sure to keep response units in the air at all times — consuming fuel on a rate higher than normally accepted by the Adeptus Administratum. Once you get your first turn it’s valkyrie time. Notify me of new posts via email.

[] – Imperial Guard – Elysian Drop Troops – Forum – DakkaDakka

Hey Brian, Lost must say that when the Beta rules were first announced I was very provoked as they seemed to target armies that rely on their Deepstriking abilities. The fast and the furious — pts of Elysian Droptroops! However, since I can only fit two flyers in my travelling case I have chosen to not bring a single valkyrie.

The Drop Sentinels are iconic Elysian units and the organizers gave me green light to use them as Armored ones from this formation. Camo is probably the easiest, as it doesnt really fall under WYSIWYG, you could simply tell your opponent they have specialized stealth training or stick some painted gauze on them.

A thundering salvo of laser and shuriken fire blasted the surface of the colony, forcing the defenders to take cover while Xeno hover craft and jet units deployed around the perimiter in a graceful manouvre.