FLUTE TRILL FINGERING CHART. O = open. • = pressed down. Move the red key rapidly to produce the trill. Co. APO PROSOPST o oo olo To. Capo to. F#. Note the piccolos are often even fussier than flutes and the same fingerings that work on flute might not work on piccolo. Flute Trill Fingering Chart. Purchase. A trill should always be to the next note in the key signature, unless indicated by an accidental after the trill sign (ex..) Trill those keys indicated by red color.

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Awkward because of the two trilling fingers, but may be good for a slow trill. If you don’t find the notes you are looking for, that’s usually because no adequate alternative to the basic fingerings exists.

The trills chagt a baroque flute are one of its charms. Flat E; harmonic G 4 -A 4. Start and end the trill proper with the regular c” fingering or tlute fingers 2 and 3 up. The following chart includes special fingerings designed for rapid alternation between two notes at an interval of a minor second semitone or a major second whole tone apart.


T 1 2 3G Bb Eb Flat interval.

Teaching & Health :: Fingering Resources :: Altissimo Flute Trill Chart Card

See below for another fingering. A free “how to get fast fingers” pdf by Jen, that includes an enlarged version of the Mark Thomas one page trill chart on page 17 of the free pdf. When more than one key is to be trilled, the keys should be pressed and released simultaneously. Thursday, July yrill, 4: T Flue Eb Slur from E. JanuaryFlorida Flute Convention, Orlando, Florida Please come by and visit us to see the latest in flutes and all the wonderful accessories to go along with them!

Harmonic A 4 -B 4 ; flat. Trill Written Fingering Description Src.

Read more product reviews. Sign in Register Wish list. Bb Eb Harmonic Bb 4 -C 5 ; flat. Flat E; harmonic D 4 -E 4. B 1 2 – 1 23 B Good response. It includes trills, tremolos and alternate fingerings, all well organized. Chatr down to the right and close the C cup key with the right knee.

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B 1 2 3 1 -3 B Chary little awkward. Many players use the key for this trill. This second way of playing is sometimes explicitly requested by preceding the written note with the upper note as a small note an acciaccatura. These fingerings are intended for all sizes of flute soprano, alto, and bass and piccolo unless specified otherwise.


Sign Up for Savings. Jennifer Cluff Canadian flutist and teacher. This trill sounds b” as a harmonic of e’, and it tends to be sharp.

B Bb Eb. Start and end the trill itself with finger 4 up or with the regular c” fingering. Search site search by freefind.

Also see the quick reference Altissimo Flute Fingering chart. This fingering chart includes trill fingerings, which are fingerings designed for rapid tirll between two notes at an interval of a minor second semitone or a major second whole tone apart.

This trill chart is a quick reference guide for all those trills that we are sometimes not quite cahrt of at the moment.

Ask a question about this product. All applicants must sign up and submit their recording by December 1, What you have to do is to rapidly alternate between the written note and the next note-name above it, in the key signature. B Eb.