1 star because I can’t give it 0. Germar Rudolf: bigot, racist and holocaust denier. German Holocaust Denier Imprisoned for Inciting Racial Hatred: A German. Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’. At the start of his trial in November, Germar Rudolf had called the Holocaust ‘a. Germar Rudolf, also known as Germar Scheerer, born 29 October , is a German chemist Rudolf knew his work would be associated with Holocaust denial, but insisted that even Remer had a right to legal defense. ), ISBN ; Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of Truth and Memory.

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Return to Book Page. One indication of this may be the systematic disregard of facts, sources, opinions and conclusions which cast the author’s views into doubt. What is most astonishing in this context is that the establishment historians almost entirely neglect their most important task – the factual criticism of the documents on which they base their view of history. According to Nolte, and in accordance with the UN Human Rights Convention, science and research must be permitted to question everything without exception.

At present many people in the western hemisphere have grown very comfortable with the standard view and vigorously oppose new insights and findings on the Holocaust. It is my wish that both peoples should come together again in a partnership of mutual respect, so as to take up the traditions of an era that brought the world, Jewry, and the German people such immense benefit.

Needless to say that the radical leftists did take counter-measures – not in the form of published rebuttals, but in the form of violence. TR rated it really liked it Jan 02, Another sensitive subject also had to be broached by a foreigner first before the German historians began to consider the topic. But if the ‘gas chambers’ in Majdanek and Stutthof were used as delousing facilities instead, how do we assess all the eyewitnesses who testified that these rooms did not serve as delousing chambers, but exclusively as homicidal gas chambers?

When writing about the actual events of physical extermination of the Jews, witness statements are almost the exclusive form of evidence in establishment historiography.

The principles which hold true for engineering, physics, and chemistry can not suddenly be abandoned in historiography for political reasons – unless one is intellectually prepared to retreat deep into the darkest middle ages. The reason for this disseccting cover-up may be rather simple, as the following shows:. Anyone who threatens academic freedom and freedom of the expression of opinion shakes the very foundations of the German society’s self-perception and endangers the moral foundation of Germany!


Benz also largely disregards the migrations of the Jews in eastern Europe, as well as the questions of how many Polish Jews managed to escape from the German army and how great a number of Jews was deported by the Soviets in and It only remains, therefore, to compare the two works in terms of the data they present and to assess the relative merits of the authors.

Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘truth’ and ‘memory’

An examination of a list of Rudolr laureates for the first part of the 20 th century reveals not only the striking predominance of German scientists, but also, among these, the large numbers of adherents to the Jewish faith.

Willis Carto has drawn attention to the financial consequences for U. Consequently, Germany has no major conservative or right-wing media, next to no such university or college professors, and no such political parties of any significance.

Taylor Taylorson marked it as to-read Sep 19, The so-called Ereignismeldungen Event Reports which were allegedly drawn up by German authorities germxr collected in Berlin, where they were found by the Allies at the end of the war and were subsequently presented as evidence at the Nuremberg trials. And the foremost concern of the scientist must be to alert the politicians to this fact and to accompany them as they steer their way among the cliffs of scientific insights.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That is why a wise politician must strive to incorporate this process into a framework in accordance with his ideas and goals.

Dissecting the Holocaust: Ernst Gauss: The Controversy about the Extermination of the Jews

Tyler marked it as to-read Oct 31, A closer look at this subject, however, usually reveals very quickly that our understanding is still based on a very unstable foundation. This self-generated enemy is then used to justify the escalating restrictions on the fundamental rights guaranteed by the German Constitution, as described. Goldhagen represents in effect the climax of this approach, [] and it has been massively criticized for this even from the establishment side.

He presents an extensive critique of eyewitness testimony and media representation of the alleged mass execution of Jews from Kyiv by German task forces in the valley of Babi Yar in autumn of For prices and availability visit the outlet websites as given above or write to: Back to Top of Page.


It is astonishing to note that there are usually many different versions of a forged photograph, which makes it easy to spot cases of alteration. If no one questions the morally reprehensible nature of the persecution of the Jews per se, why should it not be possible to discuss individual aspects of this persecution in a controversial manner?

Many of these are self-published and poorly written or printed and might therefore arouse suspicion even among readers not familiar with Holocaust denial. Limburg an der LahnHesse.

They excavated the site described by the witnesses, but did not find a trace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Evidently there really is more to the six-million figure than merely the fact that it includes a great many individual fates: Let’s look at some relevant court decisions.

Special Treatment in Auschwitz Vol. He thus becomes, not the protector of a free and democratic fundamental order, but its greatest threat. It is very likely that the aim of all these backstage arrangements was to ensure that I would not make even more trouble for standard historiography[39] a plan that did, however, fail completely.

As a result of his skepticism, he warns his colleagues: We hereby introduce our theses regarding subsections of the Holocaust and look forward to objective replies and possibly refutations. That is so in almost every field of science. Keep up with the Collection: Every presidential address, every minute of silence, every history textbook would be a lie. Another point, much more important, is the criticism Ingrid Weckert presents regarding the documents treating the alleged ordering, modification and use of the so-called gas vans in which, it is claimed, countless thousands of Jews were murdered by means of exhaust fumes.

This is a book — the book — that every revisionist needs to own, and to read. To ask other readers questions about Dissecting the Holocaustplease sign up.

Germar Rudolf

Since the establishment school of historians has settled the discussion about hooocaust gas chambers of Dissectijg and Birkenau to their satisfaction by authoritatively concluding that execution gassings did not allow for the formation of chemical residues, the question arises why large quantities of cyanide residues could form in Majdanek and Stutthof, where the procedure was allegedly exactly the same as in Auschwitz and Birkenau.

This logical conclusion was drawn by Daniel J. Tayeba marked it as to-read Feb 01,